Parsons Corporation Principal Project Engineer - Electrical H&M Voltage in Jazan, Saudi Arabia

Principal Project Engineer - Electrical H&M Voltage


Jazan, Saudi Arabia

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Principal Objective:

Provision of professional engineering discipline support to the program projects with particular emphasis on promoting and maintaining the technical adequacy, uniformity, and quality of the project designs in conformance with approved standards andcodes.

Organizational Relationship:

Member of the Engineering Department professional staff supporting all Jazan projects. Reports to the Manager, Engineering Projects Section.

Major Activities Performed:

  • Prepares technical guide specifications, scope of work descriptions and updates the standard details, design criteria and technical guidelines.

  • Prepares Request for Proposal (RFP) documents with designconcepts.

  • Provides technical assistance during pre-bid conferences, proposal evaluations, and post-award and otherconferences.

  • Reviews specialist contractor designdrawings,specifications and calculations submittals and coordinates with the work of the other applicabledisciplines.

  • Reviews specialty vendor and shop drawings and specialty construction materials and/or equipmentsubmittals.

  • Support and reviews advanced power system analyses such as load flows, short circuit studies and dynamic stabilitystudies.

  • Performs field inspections and provides professional field support as necessary during constructionphases.

  • Preparestechnicalcorrespondence,powersystemrelatedreportsandsystemstudies.

  • Functions as a technical expert in performing HV and MV analyses of powersystems.

  • Reviews and provides guidance in problem areas, recommends solutions, alternatives and improvements for HV and MVsystems.

  • Provides guidance in power system planning for future network expansion as indicated in the citymasterplan.

Experience Qualifications:

  • A recognized university degree in Electrical Engineering with 15 years' post-graduate professionalexperience.Designexperience of power systems isessential.

  • Western Chartered/Professional Engineer Registrationrequired

  • TheabilitytocommunicateeffectivelyinspokenandwrittenEnglishisessential.

  • MusthavesoundoverallexperienceindesigningHVandMVpowersystemsforcommunityandIndustrialfacilities.Must becapabletocheckdesignsdonebyspecialistcontractorsforhighvoltage(115to380kV),mediumvoltage(13.8to34.5 kv)

  • MustbefamiliarwithETAPorothersoftwaretoperformfaultcurrent,loadflowandstabilitystudiesforpowersystems withvoltagelevelsofupto380kV.

  • Experience inpreparationofHVandMVSubstationbiddocuments.

  • Experience indesigning(fromconceptualtodetailed)ofHVandMVelectrical systems.

  • Experienceincalculatingdemandloadestimates,sizingofmajorequipmentandcoordinationofprotectiverelaying.

  • MusthavethoroughknowledgeofNationalElectricalCode,IEEE,ANSI,IEC,NFPA.

  • Designexperience(fromconceptualtodetailed)withutilityandindustrialfacilitiesisdesirable:






f.Highandmediumvoltagepowerdistributionlayoutwithcablesinductbanksanddirectburiedandcorresponding ampacitycalculations.

PMP or equivalent is preferred.

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Parsons is an equal opportunity, drug-free employer committed to diversity in the workplace. Minority/Female/Disabled/Protected Veteran/LGBT

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